Just like new!

The above image is from inside a 900,000 gallon water tank that was recently refurbished including a new epoxy inner coating.  It is beautiful and bright white.  The cost...


Ground Level Tank Cleaning – “Just Like New”

Blue Earth Products recently cleaned a storage tank at a water utility in near Pittsburgh. Chemical cleanings with Top Ultra and Floran Catalyst are now in their specifications for...


Treating Biofilms in Water Distribution Systems

What is a biofilm and why is it difficult to remove from your pipes? Bacterial microbes exist in every water system in the world. They are perfectly adapted to...


Comparison of Tank Cleaning Methods

Tanks are a major contributor to disinfection demand due to low turnover and long storage time. Dissolved solids accumulate and drop out of solution, and biofilms form from the...


Clean Your Tanks and Basins of Costly Deposit Buildup

    Conventional tank and basin cleaning methods such as washouts and power washing do not effectively remove deposits that form on tank walls. These methods are labor intensive...


Blue Earth Products Brings Budget-Friendly Cleaning Services to Bellefontaine, Ohio

The city of Bellefontaine, Ohio recently called in Blue Earth Products to clean its water treatment equipment. The equipment was extremely dirty and performing poorly, but Blue Earth Products...


Blue Earth Products Featured in Water Efficiency Magazine

Blue Earth Products is featured in the March/April 2015 issue of Water Efficiency Magazine. This article highlights money-saving solutions to common filter, disinfection and disinfection byproduct problems and includes...


Clean Tanks Deliver Quality Water

Regardless of the effectiveness of water treatment efforts, poor conditions in distribution system storage tanks can decrease the quality of finished water. In order to prevent this from occurring,...


Clean Tanks Deliver Quality Water

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Inside New York City’s Water Tanks are Layers of Neglect

There are estimated to be 12,000-17,000 water tanks across the New York City skyline. Recent samplings taken by the New York Times at just twelve of the water towers...