The above image is from inside a 900,000 gallon water tank that was recently refurbished including a new epoxy inner coating.  It is beautiful and bright white.  The cost of the job was $500,000.  See this link for more info.  Unfortunately, in just a few months, this tank and many others like it across the country will begin to accumulate biofilm and deposits on its surface that will degrade the quality of the water it holds.

Blue Earth Products has solved this problem by offering periodic chemical cleanings for all these tanks.  Completely refurbishing a tank is expensive, however, protecting your investment and the quality of the water it holds by periodically cleaning the tank with Blue Earth Products’ Floran suite of easy to apply and fast acting chemical cleaning products is easy and at a tiny fraction of the cost of a new epoxy coating.

The upper half of the first image below shows the nasty black film that develops on tank walls. The bottom half shows how effectively Floran Top Ultra w/ Catalyst works to remove that film with a simple single spray application. The second image shows the completed tank cleaning and a return to the beautiful bright white of a new coating.

Top Ultra sprayed on tank wall, not yet rinsed off.
Tank after being chemically cleaned with Floran Top Ultra w/ Catalyst.