Removing inorganic and organic deposits is vital to the effectiveness of all water systems. Scales and films cause corrosion, impede system performance, reduce capacity and production, increase water costs and shorten the operational life of commercial and industrial water infrastructures. Furthermore, scales and films provide ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and pathogens, which can cause serious health and safety risks.

Blue Earth Products proprietary products, Clearitas® and HypoGrow, are specifically formulated to remove inorganic and organic deposits from commercial and industrial water distribution systems and hydroponic nutrient systems respectively.  They are currently being used in commercial and industrial applications extending from cooling towers and heat exchanger units to hospitals and healthcare facilities, food processing plants, agricultural enterprises, hydroponics, and hotels and restaurants. 


  • Extend the operational life of cooling tower infrastructures
  • Reduce and prevent waterborne bacterial outbreaks
  • Control and prevent hard scale growth and accumulation on water infrastructures
  • Provide safer and cleaner environments for agriculture and food processing facilities
  • Enhance primary disinfectant effectiveness to ensure safe, clean water
  • Improve plant health and root zone performance in hydroponics

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