The truth is that legionella is a part of your water system. Getting yourself in front of the problem, how it starts, where it comes from, and how it lives in your building is to defend yourself from the illnesses and liabilities it causes.

Regular maintenance of your building’s water system to remove the scale and biofilms that harbor legionella is the foundation of preventing the growth and spread of illness and associated publicity from seriously impacting your facility. Available legionella prevention solutions such as ultra-violet and ozone only address new water coming into a building water system, not what is already there.  Chlorine dioxide and copper-silver are commonly used to treat the water, but they cannot remove the scale or biofilms in your pipes. Hyperchlorination is only a temporary fix. Super heating consumes enormous energy if done right, and is also only a temporary fix. Legionella is an “all water” problem and it lives in the pipes, showers, faucets and water fountains throughout your building. An outbreak is just one upset event away. The professionals at Blue Earth Products have years of experience working with building owners to test, treat, and remediate their facilities.