Biofilm and organic laden deposits forming on plant roots impede uptake of nutrients and produce a medium for bacterial growth and root rot (brown root). These deposits also impact the irrigation infrastructure and clogging nozzles and channels causing uneven or no flow.

Remove these destructive contributors to poor plant growth with Blue Earth Products’ proprietary hypochlorous acid, HypoGrow. By interfering with the attachment mechanisms that allow biofilms and organic laden deposits to encumber a plant’s root system, HypoGrow can maximize the natural nutrient uptake and improve the health and growth rate of hydroponically grown plants.

HypoGrow is applied online either continuously or in batch nutrient solution preparations. It is specifically formulated to break up the “organic glue” that holds films and organic laden deposits together and to tank, pipe, and root surfaces.

HypoGrow is safe to use in growing water systems without risk of root burn. The chemical can be applied with low up-front capital costs and minimal maintenance.

By adding HypoGrow to recirculating (and non-recirculating) growing systems operators observe:
• Removal and prevention of deposits and biofilms
• Reduce root born diseases
• Improved nutrient absorption
• More efficient plant growth
• Healthy root development
• Cleaner recirculating systems
• Reduced equipment maintenance
• Reduced potential habitat for pathogens
• Optimization of root zone performance

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