Clearitas is a powerful formulation of oxidized chlorine specifically engineered to remove organic and inorganic deposits within water distribution systems. The unique oxidizing properties of Clearitas enable it to penetrate and remove the attachment mechanisms that start and hold inorganic and organic matrices together and to surfaces. Clearitas is a liquid formulation that works online in conjunction with a traditional disinfectant. Clearitas maintains its performance integrity within a wide range of water conditions and removes mineral deposits without changing water corrosivity. By controlling the dosing rate, deposits and scale can be removed slowly without having adverse effects on water quality. Adding Clearitas to water systems will remove scale and deposits within the distribution system. Water treatment with Clearitas also remediates waterborne bacterial issues, enhances traditional disinfectant and sanitizer effectiveness and improves overall water quality. These results extend system and equipment life and improve overall system performance. Clearitas’ unique scale removal properties have been validated in a variety of settings including potable water treatment, cooling towers, food processing and bottling facilities, hospitals and various agricultural applications. There are currently four Clearitas product versions formulated for different applications.