“Since using Clearitas® to treat our chilled water system, I have seen a significant decrease in scale and biofilm. Clearitas has enabled us to cut down on bromine and other water treatment chemicals. I would highly recommend Clearitas to other customers because it is a truly unique product that safely and effectively removes scales and biofilms. I am very impressed by how quickly Clearitas has cleaned up our water system.”
Tim Lee, Director of Operations and VP of Special Projects at Farmland Dairy

“The run capacity of our plant has increased by 25% after cleaning only 12 of our 36 filters.”
Oleg Kostin, Engineer, New Jersey American Water, Elizabethtown, NJ

“This is a recommendation of the principles and products of Floran Technologies (now Blue Earth Products) …we are using them now and will be using them in the future.”
Paul Ermatinger, Biological Control Unit, Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles, CA

“Cleaning has done a remarkable job. We were able to shut off our chlorine booster pump located at the tank and utilize that chlorine residual from the treatment plant.”
Mark McClintock, Carmichael Water District, CA

“Before we began using Clearitas to treat our cooling towers we used three chemicals at a significantly higher cost that did not resolve the water and scaling issues and killed the microbes in our waste lagoon. Within days of implementing Clearitas as our only tower treatment, the water and tower were clean and clear and the discharge no longer affected our waste treatment procedures. Four years later, the results continue to impress me.” 
Miguel Duarte, Bulk Manager at Brooklyn Bottling

“I am impressed. Looks like you will be seeing more business from the county and anyone else I can tell about your service.”
Ken French, Manager, Greene County Sanitary Engineering, OH

“We were sure the filter was ruined. …I was amazed …at how this treatment has increased the capacity of our treatment plant and saved our summer.”
Rick Tecchio, Superintendent of Production, United Water, NJ

“Great job cleaning our filters. We have noticed a sizeable improvement in our filter head loss, resulting in increased filter run times. We would recommend your services to anyone who would ask and we hope to do business with you again in the future.” 
Doug Lovelace, Water Plant Supervisor, City of Lake Worth, FL

“About two years ago, we began using Clearitas to prevent the organically driven scale and calcium spotting on our dishes and plumbing fixtures. Within two weeks the calcium scale and spotting that had caused problems within our water system stopped. We continue to use Clearitas and we are completely satisfied with the results.”
Thomas, Facilities Manager at Boom Town Casino, Bossier City, LA

“We cleaned one of our filters with Floran Filter Fit, removing the dark, biofilm staining in about the same time it takes to wash and wax a pickup – no more than an hour! The before and after pictures speak for themselves, the filter looks brand new!”
Bruce Wilson, Chief of Water Operations, City of International Falls, MN

“Within 10 days my roots were looking better than ever.  The plants were no longer stunted and the roots were white and strong.  I have been adding HypoGrow for almost a year now, and my roots are white, and the plants are larger. I plan on continuing to use HypoGrow for years to come!”
Katy Kern, Bradwood Farm LTD, OH

“It must be doing its job well because our water tests came back with no positives.”
An Oklahoma Hospital, OK, Referencing use of Clearitas 301

“Truly an amazing chemistry to bring back the value of a filter’s components. I experienced it myself at a 6 mgd PRASA plant back in 2016. Within 3 days, the plant placed back all 6 filters saving over $150k in multimedia replacement. The investment…$18k plus 2 workers for 8 hrs and 3 days. Nothing to dispose of, no heavy machinery and no time lost.  All of these was achieved with the knowledge, and support of Matthew Seeker remotely. Safe, effective and reliable product.”
Warner Palermo, Director, Technical Services at Integrated Global Solutions, Puerto Rico

“Once again, I am amazed at how well the filter I treated with neXt performs. Your product far exceeded my expectations! The filter cleaned with neXt currently has a 10-hour run time and a water level of 5.0 ft. Before cleaning the filter, the water level at 10 hours run time was +/- 9 ft and almost spilling! Absolutely amazing!
Mike Mastin, Serrano Water District, CA

“I’ve used your product for two of my clients. In one case, it was able to bring the filer media, as well as the clogged filter underdrain, back to like-new condition. In the other case, the filter media was too far gone and had to be replaced. However, your product did unclog the filter underdrain and kept my client from having to replace the underdrain.
Michael N. Tibbets, P.E, Vice President, Hayter Engineering