BioClean is a powerful cleaner, deodorizer, and oxidizer without the use of harsh chemicals.  It is created from naturally occurring ingredients and its non-toxic formulation is friendly to the environment.  BioClean provides a safe and effective way to clean surfaces of organic matter, body fluids and matter, biofilms, pet and other allergens, and insect residue.  BioClean is also very effective at removing odors from pets, food, smoke, musty surfaces, and many other surfaces.

BioClean is the stable patented product of an advanced electrocatalytic process beginning with natural materials and resulting in an advance hypochlorous acid-based cleaning solution.  BioClean is effectively used in homes, schools, restaurants, hotels, kitchens, agricultural environments, commercial facilities, childcare environments and many other places. BioClean can be applied with a sprayer to surfaces.  A single gallon can cover between 7,000 ft2 and 20,000 ft2 depending on the intensity of spray used.

Blue Earth Hypochlorous
Blue Earth Hypochlorous has been replaced by the new and improved hypochlorous acid cleaner BioClean.