Microbiology, including bacterial microbes that influence corrosion, exists in every water system in the world. Accelerated growth of these microbes often occurs when organic carbons are present with or without oxygen in the presence of water. As these microorganisms grow, they attach themselves to wetted surfaces and protect themselves with slimes of polysaccharides (bonded sugar molecules) to form bio-active masses called biofilms.

Biofilms change the pH and electrochemical conditions at the metal-solution interface resulting in Microbiological Influenced Corrosion (MIC), a highly localized, accelerated type of galvanic corrosion and/or acid pitting that affects primarily steel, copper and galvanized pipes and is responsible for pipe degradation.

You may have MIC if you:

  • Have pinhole leaks your pipes
  • Are experiencing frequent clogging
  • Have a high copper, lead or iron concentrations in your water
  • Have discoloration of your water

Unfortunately, if MIC continues to progress and pipe walls thin extensively, the only solution is to replace them. To avoid the expense and hassle of replacing pipes, you need to focus on prevention by removing the biofilms that are responsible for causing MIC.

Eliminating Bacteria To Control Corrosion With Clearitas

Chemically treating the water system with Clearitas® breaks down biofilms and scales to prevent MIC from occurring. Continuous use of Clearitas actively inhibits future microbial growth and prevents recurrences. Clearitas 350 and 450 are EPA-registered as a stand-alone scale deposit control disinfectants, other versions of Clearitas must be used in conjunction with and EPA-registered disinfectant. Clearitas is a NSF 60 certified low maintenance solution safe for use in all water systems, including drinking water, so it can be used without concern for your occupants or guests.

Benefits Of Using Clearitas To Control Corrosion:

  • Organic and inorganic deposit removal
  • Extends equipment life
  • Improved disinfectant effectiveness in real systems
  • Lower total bacterial counts
  • Low capital cost solution to bacterial remediation
  • Long lasting results

Download “Getting to Know Clearitas”

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