Water distribution systems accumulate organic and inorganic deposits, biofilm and corrosive sediments. Overtime, these build up and attach to the inside of water distribution pipes causing high chlorine demand and contributing to the formation of regulated disinfection by-products (DBPs). They also provide harborage for pathogens and viruses. Blue Earth Products chemical cleaning solution, Clearitas®, safely and effectively removes these deposits while keeping the system online. Clearitas is engineered to penetrate and eliminate the attachment mechanisms that start and hold organic and inorganic matrices together and to surfaces. Clearitas chemically removes hard and soft scale and prevents new accumulations from forming. By removing these deposits, chlorine demand is reduced, DBPs are decreased, chlorine residuals are stabilized and overall water quality is improved.

Clearitas® effectively removed deposits from a medical center’s water distribution system in Southern California
Organic and inorganic scale contribute to chlorine demand and the formation of disinfection by-products. Clean your pipes with Clearitas®.