Blue Earth Products is committed to providing exceptional agricultural water treatment for the dairy, meat and poultry industries. Animals require the freshest and cleanest water to thrive and live a healthy life. 

Hard mineral scale builds up in animal water lines, water fountains and drinking troughs causing clogged water lines and valves, leaks, equipment malfunctions and poor water quality.  Over time, water lines can plug up and cause drops in pressure and expensive equipment repairs.  Moreover, algae and biofilm buildup can increase the onset of sickness and deter animals from drinking water. 

Agricultural water treatment with Clearitas 401 keeps water lines, nipple drippers and troughs free of deposits and mineral scale and facilitates sanitary water throughout the entire system by improving sanitizer and disinfectant effectiveness. Used in conjunction with a primary disinfectant, water treatment with Clearitas 401 leads to better animal growth, lower mortality rates, improved feed conversions and increased production. Clearitas 401 is NSF 60 certified and safe to use in all water systems including drinking water. Clearitas 401 is applied online with low up-front capital costs and minimal maintenance. Agricultural water treatment with Clearitas 401 effectively controls mineral scale deposition for safer. cleaner. better® water.

Download “CASE STUDY: Improving Dairy Water Systems with Clearitas®”

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