Scale And Bacteria Treatment In Industrial Cooling Tower Systems

Mineral scale buildup in cooling towers, chillers and system piping is a common challenge for many industrial water systems. Often, the makeup water that enters these systems is “scaling” in nature, causing a buildup of both organic and inorganic material. Left unchecked or inadequately treated, this buildup impedes performance, shortens infrastructure lifetime and increases the consumption of both water and energy. Moreover, scale buildup provides an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pathogens, such as Legionella.

Blue Earth Products cooling tower treatment, Clearitas 201, used in conjunction with traditional free chlorine, simultaneously eliminates both scale and bacterial growth. Our unique formulation is eco-friendly and safe for all system conditions and for those who manage the system. A safer alternative to traditional cooling tower biocides and scale inhibitors, Clearitas 201 is fast-acting, easy to handle and cost-effective. Clearitas 201 chemically treats cooling towers online, eliminating downtime and with minimal effect on the pH balance of the treated water.

Replace your expensive and hazardous cooling tower chemicals with Clearitas 201, which has been proven to remove scale and bacterial growth and return cooling towers to optimum efficiency.

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Cooling Tower Infrastructure Cleaning

Replacement of chiller plants can cost up to $500 per ton of cooling capacity, not to mention the inconvenience of such a replacement.