Deposition Control In Food Processing Facilities

Films, residues and scales on surfaces provide places for harmful bacteria and microbial contaminants to grow creating unsanitary conditions for food processing and handling. Deposits on equipment, conveyor belts and distribution lines degrade food integrity and increase the risk of contamination, food spoilage or disease transmission.

Used in conjunction with a primary disinfectant, Clearitas 401 cleans the entire water distribution system, keeping water lines, equipment, conveyor belts, sprayers and any wetted surfaces free of deposits. Deposition control with Clearitas enhances disinfectant and sanitizer effectiveness, prolongs the operational life of equipment, reduces manual labor and lowers total bacteria counts and microbial contaminants throughout the entire facility.

Clearitas 401 is NSF 60 certified and safe to use in all water systems including drinking water. Clearitas 401 is applied online with low up-front capital costs and minimal maintenance. Water treatment with Clearitas ensures a safer, cleaner environment for food production and processing.

Download “Improving Cooling/Warming Tunnel Performance”

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