There Are Many Waterborne Pathogens Such as Legionella

Water utilities fight a battle to keep your water safe. Water safety has been credited for adding 25 years to the average life expectancy in the USA over the...


Treating Biofilms in Water Distribution Systems

What is a biofilm and why is it difficult to remove from your pipes? Bacterial microbes exist in every water system in the world. They are perfectly adapted to...


The Lifecycle of Biofilm

This is a great depiction of biofilm and it’s lifecycle in water.  Biofilm is not just a problem in pipes and distribution systems.  It rapidly colonizes the humongous surface...


Filter Cleaning – Because Production Matters, Especially During Drought

Drought. It doesn’t just impact the quantity of your supply. Drought seriously impacts the quality of your water source, creating issues that directly impact your productivity. When the reservoirs...


Filter Media – Clean, Don’t Replace

Save time, save money You know that sinking feeling. Filter runs are getting shorter and shorter. Backwashing seems uneven, and doesn’t seem to be getting the filters clean. Even...


The Solution to Inefficient and Dirty Filters

Inefficient filters consume energy, chemicals, and precious water to back wash. Dirty filters prevent proper TOC removal and lead to distribution problems. Eventually, back pressure risks damaging underdrains, usually...


Reduce Disinfectant and Inhibitor Use while Lowering System-Generated DBPs

Water system operators know that the buildup of biological and mineral deposits in a water system is unavoidable. Because of this issue, operators use multiple chemicals, such as disinfectants,...


Blue Earth Products Featured in Water Efficiency Magazine

Blue Earth Products is featured in the March/April 2015 issue of Water Efficiency Magazine. This article highlights money-saving solutions to common filter, disinfection and disinfection byproduct problems and includes...


neXt™ Is Convenient, Clean and Simple: The Way Your Filter Media Cleaning Should Be

We are pleased to announce that Blue Earth Products has released its newest product, neXt™.  neXt is a non-hazardous, single component, dry formula, filtration media cleaning product specifically engineered...


Blue Earth Products® Improves Biofilm Removal

Here’s a great explanation on Biofilm in distribution systems. Let Blue Earth Products® show you how to improve biofilm removal and maintain disinfectant for better overall water quality.