We are pleased to announce that Blue Earth Products has released its newest product, neXt™.  neXt is a non-hazardous, single component, dry formula, filtration media cleaning product specifically engineered as an environmentally friendly, easy to use, highly efficient, cost effective solution for water utilities that need to frequently clean filters.  We have decided to build upon the success of Media Master® and Media Master® RR, but unlike Media Master, neXt requires no liquid catalyst during the filter media rehabilitation process.   As an alternative to costly replacement, neXt restores the original filterability of the media, thereby, improving performance and prolonging filter life while lowering operations and energy costs.
Filter media rehabilitation is often overlooked as an option when filter performance is compromised. The majority of filter media replacements occur because the media appears to be “worn out” or rounded. This incorrect assumption leads many operators to prematurely replace filter media when the media could easily be cleaned and restored to full functionality.
“neXt represents the newest thinking from Blue Earth Products and the most significant improvement ever in chemical cleaning of filters.  Utilities and operators needed a non-hazardous product that they could handle without the need for outside contractors, hazmat suits, and risk to their people.  We responded.  neXt is so easy and simple that utilities can now use it themselves on a more frequent basis to manage their water quality and extend the life of media without the significant cost of application for hazardous variations or use of straight acids. The markets demanded improvement, and Blue Earth Products delivered yet again.”
-Dane Madsen, CEO of Blue Earth Products
Treatment with neXt minimizes equipment downtime, quickly improves system performance, and reduces operational costs.
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