Meet neXt®, the first single component, DOT non-hazardous, in situ filtration media cleaning product. Developed because our customers demanded an easy to use, DOT non-hazardous solution to cleaning filter media. We listened.

neXt is a dry formulation in situ water filter media cleaner specifically engineered as a simple, environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective solution for water utilities that opt to clean filter media instead of the painful expense of replacement. neXt immediately restores the filterability of your media improving its performance and extending its lifetime. neXt cleans filter media in place minimizing equipment downtime and lowering operations and energy costs. neXt can be self-applied saving you time, and most importantly, cost because your staff can administer the product with little training. 

The in situ treatment quickly reverses the degradation of your filters by removing scale, biofilm and other contaminants. Simple to apply, in its dry form or pumped with a slurry, water utilities can treat their own media after initial laboratory testing determines product dosage. Once the chemical reaction is complete in 12 – 24 hours, the water turns from blue to clear confirming that your filter media is clean. As a single component product, neXt removes all of the organic and inorganic contaminates from your fouled media.  You get better filtration, more efficient operating processes, lower water use and energy expense, on your schedule.  All at a cost you can manage. Along with being DOT non-hazardous and NSF 60 certified, neXt is eco-friendly contributing no ammonia to its wastewater. neXt removes organic and inorganic contaminants immediately without exposing you or your staff to unnecessary risk.

Convenient, clean and simple: the way your filter media cleaning should be.