Blue Earth Products is featured in the March/April 2015 issue of Water Efficiency Magazine. This article highlights money-saving solutions to common filter, disinfection and disinfection byproduct problems and includes water treatment tips from Dane Madsen, CEO of Blue Earth Products. Some of the key points covered in the article are detailed below.


When it comes to filter cleaning, many different methods are available. However, some methods simply mask the real problem.​. Blue Earth Products provides an alternative approach to take the equipment offline and clean it in place. The best way to ensure that filters are properly cleaned is to remove organic and inorganic deposits with a product like Blue Earth Products’ former Floran® line.


Biofilms form within water storage tanks almost immediately after the water enters the reservoir. Although divers and remote-operated vehicles can clean the loose matter in tanks, they cannot effectively clean the tank walls. Blue Earth Products’ solutions remove the biofilm that attaches itself to the walls.


Distribution systems face unique problems since they cannot be taken offline to be cleaned. Since they generate a large amount of disinfection byproducts (DBPs), distribution systems need to be thoroughly cleaned with a solution like Blue Earth Products’ Clearitas® product line that reduces DBPs by removing the mineral deposits that react with chlorine and improves the effectiveness of chlorine while the system remains online.

Photo credit: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission/Robin Scheswohl
Photo credit: Charles de Mille-Isles / Foter / CC BY