Blue Earth Products® Provides Easier Solution for Aging Water Infrastructures

A recent water scare in Washington D.C. has highlighted a number of aging infrastructure issues, bringing monetary and physical worries to the public eye.  Seeing that most pipelines were...


We’ve Got a Solution For Your Heat Exchangers

Got heat exchangers? Yep, we can clean those online or off line to improve heat transfer! Find out more on our website. DOWNLOAD IMPROVED CHLORINE RESIDUALS AFTER TANK CLEANING


Try Blue Earth Products® Sample Kits

Our new sampling kits are sent direct to your system for on site sampling and fast turn around of your media analysis. Let us show you how fast we...


Blue Earth Products® Improves Biofilm Removal

Here’s a great explanation on Biofilm in distribution systems. Let Blue Earth Products® show you how to improve biofilm removal and maintain disinfectant for better overall water quality.


Let’s Make Clean and Safe Water a Priority

We are passionate about water, its safety, and how it’s managed both privately and publically. However, I struggle when I encounter a person who is given the responsibility to...


The Need for Cost-Effective Water Treatment Is Now

There has never been a greater need for cost-effective municipal water treatment than right now. As utilities continue to experience budget cuts / budgetary constraints, they will need to...


Cooling Tower Scale Control

Did you know that 1/32 inch of organic scale can reduce heat transfer in commercial cooling systems by 33% and increase energy costs by 10%? Moreover, did you know...


What You Don’t Know CAN Kill You

Blue Earth Products is in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world that, which in spite of the global great recession, is still seeing rising numbers of vacationers...


Brown Dairy Equipment to Distribute Clearitas®

Blue Earth Products is pleased to announce a new partnership with Brown Dairy Equipment Co. Brown Dairy Equipment has been serving Michigan Dairymen since 1962. Their long-standing reputation and...


Charlestown, Indiana to Start Water Treatment with Clearitas®

The city of Charlestown, Indiana has turned to Clearitas to improve their drinking water conditions.  For over a decade, the town has suffered from manganese buildups in their water...