A recent water scare in Washington D.C. has highlighted a number of aging infrastructure issues, bringing monetary and physical worries to the public eye.  Seeing that most pipelines were laid during the 1940’s-1960’s, many storage tanks and distribution systems are showing signs of needing replacement.  Thousands of residents and businesses have been left without water during the hottest time of the year.  According to engineers, significant infrastructure investment is needed.  The EPA has estimated that $384 billion will be needed to upgrade 73,000 water systems in the next two decades.
We believe that Blue Earth Products® advanced cleaning and water infrastructure maintenance solutions can assist the replenishment of many municipal and commercial facilities across the country.  Blue Earth Products is committed to providing safer and cleaner water, which would come at a significantly lower price than that of which the EPA has estimated.
To read more about the water scare near Washington D.C. that sparked infrastructure issues, read the article HERE at USA Today.