Did you know that a EPA survey shows that $384 billion is needed to improve drinking water infrastructure by 2030? Whew! That’s a big number.
What the EPA is not telling you is that there are powerful, deposit control solutions like Clearitas that prevent and remove the naturally occurring films and scales that cause the majority of water quality concerns and infrastructure issues. They aren’t telling you that you can rehabilitate your drinking water infrastructure for a fraction of the cost. Let us know if you’d like to hear more.
A pending “best practice” standard (destined to be part of building codes everywhere, once adopted) , ASHRAE 188, lays a foundation process for nearly all commercial facilities to manage the legionella potential in their building water systems.  Legionella, is a leading cause of pneumonia-like illness that the Centers for Disease Control reports as affecting 18,000 people in the US per year, but is now reassessing and could be as many as 100,000 people.  Of these within the sensitive population, 20% – 50% will die from this water borne only malady.  That is more than all the 10,228 people that died in alcohol related car wrecks or 11,000 gun related homicides.  Yes, it is that serious.  Yes, ASHRAE 188 is this important.   However, why do we need a standard to test for, detect, and remediate facilities that have the issue?  It’s simple: because if we do not, people will die as a result.