What is the ASHRAE Standard & Why You Should Care

Did you know that a EPA survey shows that $384 billion is needed to improve drinking water infrastructure by 2030? Whew! That’s a big number. What the EPA is...


Blue Earth Products® Receives First U.S. EPA Registration for Use of Clearitas® As Primary Disinfectant in Commercial Water Treatment

We are excited to announce that after years of research, Clearitas® is now the first scale deposit control solution to be registered by the EPA. Thanks to our customers...


When Does Professional Incompetence Become a Crime?

Recently, I had a conversation with a “water treatment” consultant. He was voicing his opposition to the ASHRAE Standard (see previous post), arguing it was misguiding and self-serving because...


Try Blue Earth Products® Sample Kits

Our new sampling kits are sent direct to your system for on site sampling and fast turn around of your media analysis. Let us show you how fast we...


Blue Earth Products® Improves Biofilm Removal

Here’s a great explanation on Biofilm in distribution systems. Let Blue Earth Products® show you how to improve biofilm removal and maintain disinfectant for better overall water quality.


Blue Earth Products Receives Patent Award for Clearitas® Scale Control Solution

 We are thrilled to announce the issuance of a patent award for our core product, Clearitas  scale control solution. We have invested years of research and development to solve...