Scientists Find Legionella Likely Hiding in Amoebae

Are legionella surviving high levels of chlorine because they are hiding in amoeba?Norwegian scientists are providing evidence that legionella can survive treatments by hiding in amoeba.  As the number...


Debt Continues to Drown Our Water Utilities

America is caught in a rut. Why? The American Society of Civil Engineers has recently graded our nation’s drinking water infrastructure a “D.”   This means more than $1...


We’ve Got a Solution For Your Heat Exchangers

Got heat exchangers? Yep, we can clean those online or off line to improve heat transfer! Find out more on our website. DOWNLOAD IMPROVED CHLORINE RESIDUALS AFTER TANK CLEANING


Try Blue Earth Products® Sample Kits

Our new sampling kits are sent direct to your system for on site sampling and fast turn around of your media analysis. Let us show you how fast we...