Biofilm: What you should know.

A recent article from CNN highlights the ubiquitous and dangerous nature of biofilm in our everyday life. It is a hidden trap of pathogens that is difficult to remove...


The Lifecycle of Biofilm

This is a great depiction of biofilm and it’s lifecycle in water.  Biofilm is not just a problem in pipes and distribution systems.  It rapidly colonizes the humongous surface...


Scientists Find Legionella Likely Hiding in Amoebae

Are legionella surviving high levels of chlorine because they are hiding in amoeba?Norwegian scientists are providing evidence that legionella can survive treatments by hiding in amoeba.  As the number...


Blue Earth Products® Improves Biofilm Removal

Here’s a great explanation on Biofilm in distribution systems. Let Blue Earth Products® show you how to improve biofilm removal and maintain disinfectant for better overall water quality.