We are thrilled to announce that our new product, pHase, which provides a nonhazardous manner to clean– a path to lower water waste, better performance, and significant energy savings.  Once again, the market has spoke and we have delivered results.

Blue Earth Products® Delivers First, Non-Hazardous Solution for Neutralizing Wastewater Runoff with pHaze™ Product

Offers Safe, DIY Management of Neutralizing Acidic Runoff in Chemical

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 24, 2013-

Blue Earth Products (https://blueearthproducts.com), a leading specialty water chemical research and development company building an innovative chemical platform to solve water infrastructure issues, today announced pHaze™, its non-hazardous formulation for neutralizing acidic runoff generated during chemical water treatment with the Company’s line of Floran® and neXt™ surface cleaning and filter rehabilitation products. pHaze, a solid, pH buffered, odorless neutralizer, is NSF 60 certified for use in drinking water systems. As a single component formula, pHaze is applied to any acidic runoff, neutralizing immediately on contact to adjust the pH level of the waste stream for safe and environmentally proper disposal.

Waste runoff with acidic or basic pH liquids produced from chemical water treatment requires safe handling and neutralization to bring pH levels to near neutral (typically between 5 and 9 pH) prior to release in a public sewer or body of water. Treatment with pHaze is a non-hazardous way to ensure the pH value reaches an acceptable level that adheres to EPA regulations for wastewater runoff. Because it is buffered to a maximum pH of 10, pHaze does not require constant monitoring as with typical neutralizers. Thus, this method makes cleaning with acids far safer for any person performing the tasks.
“As an innovator in chemical water treatment, we want to promote the safe management of corrosive material generated from the application of our filter and storage infrastructure products. pHaze delivers the same neutralizing power our customers expect, but in the safest possible manner,” said Jason Peters, VP of Product Development at Blue Earth Products. Designed for offline use, pHaze is applied into filter backwash water flow, into holding tanks or basins, or into runoffs collected in the bottom of tanks. Product dosage depends on the pH level of the runoff. “Safety when using our chemistry is a primary concern at Blue Earth Products. We have spent years better understanding the demands and needs of the water and wastewater plant operators, whether utility or industrial, and months developing a totally non-hazardous manner for operators to clean their infrastructure and keep it clean. Doing so makes this safe for plant personnel to perform infrastructure cleaning safely and easily, providing a path to more frequent cleaning by reducing or eliminating much of the expense associated with hazmat trained contract labor,” said Dane Madsen, CEO of Blue Earth Products. “Providing a non-hazardous manner to clean is a path to lower water waste, better performance, and significant energy savings. Once more, the market spoke and Blue Earth Products delivered.”
For pHaze product inquiries, please contact info(at)blueearthlabs(dot)com or 1-800-259-4465.