We believe that every single drop of water should be fresh, clean and safe for all living things. That’s why we are relentlessly committed to the Science of Safe Water and delivering innovative solutions to improve this valuable resource on our planet. Our products comprehensibly clean utility and commercial water systems, eliminating scale and biofilms where harmful bacteria thrive and reducing microbiological induced corrosion that impacts system operations, thereby extending system life and reducing costs, from source to tap.

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Are you at risk for legionella or other waterborne pathogens?

Legionellosis (or Legionnaire’s Disease), a type of pneumonia caused by the bacteria legionella, is one of the most dangerous waterborne diseases in the United States. The disease can be very serious, especially for immune-compromised people such as children, pregnant women, and people undergoing chemotherapy. In the worst cases, legionellosis can even lead to death…



Biofilm – What You Can’t See, Can Devastate Your Business

Biofilms. You will find them anywhere you find moist, warm environments. They form on rocks in creek beds, in livestock troughs, landscape water fixtures like fountains, and in pools and hot tubs. They form on walls subjected to mists. They are even that scum on your teeth in the morning.…