Inside Edition conducted an investigative report on, “What is in the Gunk in Your Home?” They worked with Dr. Joseph Falkinham, a professor of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech University, to see what kind of gunk he could find in two beautiful homes in Blacksburg, Virginia.
The results were downright disturbing. He discovered a myriad of bacteria colonies growing in fixtures at both homes. For the rest of the story, click on the image below. Gunk in homes.
Did you know that this gunk could be the consequence of insufficient disinfectant residual in the water system? According to Department of Civil Engineering professors at Virginia Tech, Marc Edwards, Becki Marshall, Yan Zhang and Yoon-Jin Lee, “If chloramine residual is lost in areas of the water distribution system in buildings, growth of nitrifying bacteria can create organic carbon that may spur re-growth of heterotrophic bacteria. If enough organic carbon is produced, and further considering the obvious availability of nitrogen, undesirable levels of bacteria can grow in the water held in pipes during periods without flow.”
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