Biofilm growth in water systems – hospitals, hotels, animal farms, food processing facilities, etc. – can provide ideal breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria and waterborne pathogens such as Legionella. These pathogens can lead to sickness or even death of people, destruction of infrastructure and high mortality rates of livestock and crops.

Clearitas® is Blue Earth Products’® advanced deposit control formulation engineered to remove organic materials (the non-living components of biofilm) from all water infrastructures while the systems remain in operation. Clearitas enhances primary disinfectant effectiveness by penetrating and breaking down the structural components of biofilm and other deposits that facilitate the growth and protection of dangerous pathogens. In other words, Clearitas is specifically formulated to break up the “organic glue” that holds biofilm together and to surfaces. The addition of Clearitas, in conjunction with a traditional disinfectant (often found in the source water obtained from the city), effectively remediates the effects of bacteria in potable water systems with a one-two punch: Clearitas loosens the biofilm structure and the disinfectant kills the bacteria. Clearitas has been used to eliminate scales, films and residues in water columns, faucets, showerheads, kitchen equipment, and other equipment. Clearitas is NSF 60 certified and safe to use in all water systems including drinking water. This product is applied online with low up-front capital costs and minimal maintenance.