All of the interior surfaces of your water or HVAC system including distribution lines and storage equipment have the potential to become covered in biofilms, which are grouping of microorganisms that have stuck to one another. Biofilms often contain dangerous pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, that can contaminate water and cause disease. Unfortunately, biofilms can be difficult to remove even with the use of strong disinfectants. When choosing cleaning methods for filtration systems, tanks and pipes, be sure to consider the potential presence of biofilms and select a method accordingly. For example, although mechanical cleaning methods may be less expensive than chemical cleaning, they will not always remove biofilms effectively and will leave enough behind to continue to cause problems. Thus, because chemical cleaning procedures can thoroughly remove surface deposits including biofilm and allow for the destruction of the pathogens they contain, it is often worth the extra money.

Clearitas remediation program is very effective at removing these deposits from water distribution lines.  Clearitas can be used without taking the system offline, so no productivity will be lost.  Clearitas destroys the organic compounds that hold deposits and biofilm together, thereby allowing the primary disinfectant residual to access any harmful microbiological activity. According to studies conducted by Blue Earth Products, Clearitas is much more effective at eliminating organic-laden scale than other chemical cleaners.

Floran remediation program involves taking equipment and storage units out of service for a a few hours and performing a through chemical cleaning.  Even the toughest deposits are no match for these safe and powerful NSF 60 certified products.  Many systems thought to be at the end of their service life have been brought back to life to provide many years of additional service without the need for replacement.