Our products comprehensibly clean utility, industrial and commercial water systems, preventing deposits and biofilms where harmful bacteria thrive and preventing microbiological induced corrosion that impacts system operations, thereby extending system life and reducing costs, from source to tap.

Using our products during regular maintenance of your building’s water system helps to prevent the organic build-ups (primary component of biofilm) that degrade water quality and exacerbate the effects of water age. Keeping the system clean is key to preventing a premature drop in disinfectant residuals, the growth and spread of illnesses and the associated negative publicity. Chlorine dioxide and copper-silver are primary disinfectants that kill bacteria but they do not remove the deposits or organic buildup in your pipes that protect bacteria from these disinfectants. When used in conjunction with Clearitas® for example, the pipes can be clean and bacteria free. In tanks, basins, filters, and other accessible areas of you water system, the Floran line of chemical cleaners make quick work of all types of deposits, both inorganic and organic.