According to 10TV:
“The number of cases of Legionnaires’ disease at a Reynoldsburg retirement home has reached 32.  A statement from the company that operates the Wesley Ridge Retirement Community said the age range of the cases is from 63-years-old to 99-years-old. Two of the cases were fatal.  Preliminary test results indicated that the legionella was in the Wesley Ridge water system. More tests are being completed. Since the outbreak, Wesley Ridge officials have said they have been superheating the water tanks and flushing them with chlorine to kill any bacteria.”
(Read the 10TV story HERE)
Blue Earth Products ® thinks this story alone demonstrates that long-term care facilities need to properly clean and maintain their water systems to prevent a massive Legionnaires outbreak like this. Legionella prevention using Clearitas 301 has been proven to reduce bacteria counts and improve chlorine residuals in hospitals and healthcare facilities.