Blue Earth Products’ proprietary media cleaning chemicals and two-step cleaning process provides a significant cost saving advantage over complete media change out. Based on actual cleaning projects, the table below shows a cost comparison of media cleaning and full media change-out. For all media types, cleaning is less than half the cost of replacement.

Our media cleaning products are proven to remove built up scale and deposits from filter media and to restore media particles to their original specifications and performance standards.
Expected benefits of in-place media cleaning include reduced head loss, reduced effluent turbidity, improved media stratification, longer filter run times, improved backwash flow, removal of mudballs and other particulates, prevention and reversal of cementing and extended media life. Moreover, media cleaning is less time consuming and labor intensive than media replacement.
A typical filter cleaning can be completed in less than 24 hours.

Customer Success Story

A 320 square foot dual media filtration system utilizing Wheeler underdrains was cleaned at an average cost of $16,850 per filter. The cost to replace the media was bid at $43,320 per filter unit. Chemical cleaning of their filtration system provided a savings of $26,470 per filter unit. This savings was sufficient enough to allow the system to clean all four filter units in one year while remaining within their yearly maintenance budget.
After cleaning, the system realized a 30% reduction in backwash flushing over the prior year’s operation. Moreover, the cleaning allowed for more flow to be processed per filter unit, improved turbidity removal and increased filter run times. If you would like to get results like these be sure to request a consultation today.