In case you haven’t heard, cooling towers have been blamed for the worst outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in Scottish history.  This news is a harsh reminder that industrial cooling towers often harbor harmful waterborne bacteria. Here’s the link to the news: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/legionnaires-cases-at-74-amid-edinburgh-outbreak-7831703.html
Our belief is that being proactive with legionella prevention is the best, most cost-effective strategy. Clearitas 401 from Blue Earth Products is a proprietary form of oxidized chlorine that attacks and eliminates the organic and inorganic precipitates that provide Legionella with a surface for attachment and growth. Used in conjunction with a primary disinfectant, Clearitas effectively removes and prevents the medium in which Legionella thrives.
For more information on our legionella prevention, click here. Don’t make the same mistake if you have not implemented a plan to prevent legionella!