Legionella pneumophila is one of the most dangerous waterborne pathogens present in modern water supplies. To ensure the health of consumers, effective removal of Legionella from all water supplies and distribution systems is essential. Fortunately, Clearitas treatment program can protect against the growth of these dangerous bacteria within processing and bottling facilities, cooling towers, water treatment facilities and various other locations that treat or handle water intended for human use and/or consumption.

About Legionella

Legionella pneumophila is a gram-negative bacterium commonly found in warm water. It causes a serious infection known as Legionellosis, or Legionnaire’s disease. People contract this disease when they breathe in droplets of water that contain the bacteria. Common sources of exposure include hot tubs, air conditioning systems, cooling towers and hot water tanks. Legionellosis causes several uncomfortable symptoms, including cough, chest pain, fever, muscle aches and shortness of breath. Hospitalization is often required for this illness. In the worst cases, Legionellosis can be fatal.

Legionella and Water Treatment

Standard water treatment protocols can effectively eliminate Legionella from water supplies. However, if even a few bacteria make it through treatment, these bacteria can proliferate inside of water storage and distribution equipment. Likewise, during storage or distribution, water can become contaminated with the bacteria if it is present on the equipment’s surfaces in the form of biofilms. When Legionella is present in water that is used or consumed by humans, it can pose a risk to public health.

About Clearitas

Clearitas is an effective deposit control product that works to remove organic deposits and when working in conjunction with traditional disinfectants they can remove both organic and organic deposits commonly found in water distribution systems. By cleaning water-pipe surfaces, this product enhances the overall effectiveness of traditional disinfectants and sanitizers in order to ensure that all bacteria, including Legionella, are eliminated before water is consumed. In addition to helping rid water distribution systems of harmful bacteria, Clearitas also removes other deposits and improves the overall quality of water.

How it Works

Clearitas is a liquid product manufactured in our facilities by an advanced electro-catalytic chlor-alkali process in order to remove deposits from water distribution equipment. This product works to remove deposits that interfere with disinfection. Clearitas can be used without taking the system offline, so no productivity will be lost. Clearitas destroys the organic compounds that hold deposits and biofilms together.  According to studies conducted by Blue Earth Products, Clearitas is much more effective at eliminating organic-laden deposits than other water additives. In fact, Clearitas is so effective that only 0.001 ppm to 1 ppm of active ingredient are needed to see significant benefits depending on the type of water system.  Facilities can reverse the total scale formation over time with considerably low doses of this formula.

More About Clearitas

In addition to being a powerful tool in the war of protecting a facility from the dangers of Legionella, Clearitas also provides a number of other benefits. Benefits of Clearitas include:

  • Diminished need for disinfectants – Clearitas enhances the effectiveness of traditional disinfectants, thus reducing the demand for these products.
  • Lower amounts of disinfectant byproducts – Because Clearitas reduces the demand for traditional disinfectants, it also lowers the amount of disinfectant byproducts in the system.
  • System can remain online – Clearitas can be used to remove scale and improve water quality without taking the system offline.
  • Appropriate for a variety of environments – Clearitas can be used in a number of different settings, including agricultural applications, hospitals, bottling facilities, food processing plants, cooling towers and potable water treatment facilities.
  • Multiple formulations available for specific applications – Multiple formulations of Clearitas are available, and each is appropriate for a set of specific applications. For example, while Clearitas 110 is best for high-volume utility drinking water systems, Clearitas 410 is specially formulated for use by agricultural enterprises.

To learn more about Clearitas or find out how to purchase this product for use in your water system, contact Blue Earth Products.