We are excited to announce that the State of California has officially approved the use of Clearitas 350 as a primary disinfectant for healthcare facilities. See the press release below.
Validates Disinfectant Power of Clearitas® 350 for Two-Pronged Attack of Persistent Pathogens such as Legionella in Healthcare Facilities
Las Vegas, NV – August 1, 2014 – Blue Earth Products (www.BlueEarthLabs.com), a leading specialty water chemical research and development company building an innovative chemical platform to solve water infrastructure issues, today announced that its Clearitas 350 scale control solution has been approved as a primary disinfectant for healthcare facilities by the State of California, Department of Pesticide Regulation. Clearitas 350 is the stable patented product of an advanced electrocatalytic chlor-alkali process that removes deposits that allow legionella to effectively colonize in any water system and when used as a primary disinfectant, it kills harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica serovar Choleraesius, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria – all pathogens commonly harbored where scale and biofilm deposits have been allowed to accumulate in building water systems. NSF 60 certified, Clearitas 350 is non-hazardous, easy for operations management staff to handle, and safe to use in drinking water. Currently, Blue Earth Products offers the only EPA-registered scale control solution that may be used as a primary disinfectant.
In compliance with California laws and regulations applying to pesticide regulation, Clearitas 350 can be utilized as the only source of disinfection in cleaning and maintain safe water operations in a healthcare facility that are not receiving sufficient disinfectant residuals from their water supplier. The oxidizing properties of Clearitas uniquely breakdown the polysaccharide layer that shields biofilms from traditional disinfectants like chlorine. Clearitas removes the anchor sites for bacteria in existing systems and minimizes reattachment, preventing future biological growth in the water system with continued use.
In conjunction with its U.S. EPA registration, extensive research has been conducted on Clearitas 350, which included a full battery of independent lab testing performed in EPA-approved labs. After the disinfectant efficacy was thoroughly examined, the U.S. EPA determined that Clearitas 350 achieves the high standard of bacterial disinfection. California further processed the data to effect its registration.
“Because the state of California has a rigorous set of standards, their approval of Clearitas 350 is a testament to the products’ effectiveness in controlling scale and eliminating harmful bacteria in building water systems,” said Jason Peters, Vice President of Product Development, Blue Earth Products.
Requiring only a standard chemical pump, Clearitas is the least intrusive and most cost-effective disinfectant, applied as quickly and effortlessly as bleach, requiring no additional training. As a NSF 60, non-hazardous corrosion and scale control disinfectant solution, Clearitas is safe for drinking water and improves overall water quality. Other product versions require a primary disinfectant like chlorine to be dosed in addition to the application of Clearitas.
Specifically formulated for legionella prevention, Clearitas 350 is used by hospitals and long-term healthcare facilities in remediating legionella and other waterborne pathogen problems and preventing future occurrences by removing the deposits that harbor pathogens like legionella. Vital to any healthcare facilities’ legionella risk management plan, Clearitas 350 actively reduces opportunities for legionella growth, disrupting the environment where it thrives, improving the likelihood that every end-point of use – faucets, showerheads, drains, water fountains, etc. – dispenses clean, safe water.
“California, who arguably generated the foundation of the EPA, and holds all suppliers of public health solutions to a higher standard, has agreed with Blue Earth Products that Clearitas 350 is an effective and efficient manner of managing healthcare water system, a source of significant risk to patients and staff alike. Our customers demanded this validation, and we delivered again, “ said Dane Madsen, CEO of Blue Earth Products.
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