To further demonstrate our commitment to legionella prevention and control, we announced that our commercial team members, Ken Juillet & Bob Cashion, completed comprehensive training on developing legionella HACCP water plans. See the new announcement below:
Team Completes Comprehensive Training Course for Developing Legionella HACCP Water Plans Las Vegas, NV– Blue Earth Products, a chemical research and development company, today announced that its commercial team members, Ken Juillet, National Director of Commercial Sales and Bob Cashion, National Director of Training and Field Services, completed Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) training for developing water management plans to prevent Legionella. HACCP is the most widely used risk management process for preventing environmental-source disease, such as Legionella, from harming people in building water systems.
Due to the imminent adoption of ASHRAE Standard 188P that sets the stage for human-occupied buildings to develop a water safety plan to prevent and remediate Legionella associated with building water systems, Blue Earth Products has taken a proactive role to help its clients to comply with the Standard. With Blue Earth Products’ training, the commercial team will work with building managers to identify the uses of potable and utility water, create diagrams of their water systems, identify control points and critical control points and establish monitoring procedures and corrective actions if an outbreak occurs.
Juillet and Cashion completed an eight-hour training program on “Preparing to Develop a Legionella HACCP Water Plan,” developed and delivered by globally recognized HC Info founder and principal, Matt Freije. This achievement demonstrates Blue Earth Products’ commitment to helping owners and managers of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings remediate and prevent Legionella outbreaks in their water distribution systems. According to Dane Madsen, CEO of Blue Earth Products, “For anyone who is a building manager, the safety of your tenants should be your top concern and recognizing the role of a building’s water system in their health and safety is highly critical. It is our belief that prevention of Legionella and other waterborne bacteria is the best course of action and a necessity for anyone responsible for human lives in commercial buildings. Our HACCP-trained professionals can help our customers develop their own HACCP plan to assess their risk, and, if necessary, eradicate Legionella and prevent future outbreaks. With people at risk, prevention is the only common sense approach.”
Blue Earth Products’ NSF 60, proprietary product, Clearitas, when used in conjunction with a primary disinfectant, has proven to effectively control and prevent Legionella by removing scale that provides harborage for growth of legionella colonies in numerous commercial customers including hospitals, healthcare facilities and industrial cooling towers throughout the U.S. Use of Clearitas as part of a comprehensive Legionella prevention plan leads to lower bacterial counts, organic and inorganic deposit removal and improved disinfectant effectiveness. Clearitas has the lowest cost of installation when compared to other remediation and prevention technology.
If you would like more information about Blue Earth Products or its Legionella HACCP water plan development, please call 1.800.256.4489 or email info@BlueEarthLabs.com.