Step 6: Develop Strategy / Plan For Limiting DBPs

If you have an OEL exceedance, you must take steps to reduce the amount of DBPs in your water system. There are several strategies for limiting the formation of DBPs from your water distribution system including:

  • Alternative disinfectants. Switch from chlorine to ozone, chloramines, or chlorine dioxide
  • Change in treatment to remove additional natural organic matter
  • Replace or supplement surface water with groundwater

Blue Earth Labs’ Stage 2 Compliance Program employs advanced cleaning methods to remove organic and inorganic deposits from tanks, basins and distribution pipes, which stabilizes free chlorine and chloramine residuals and removes the biological substrates that contribute to the formation of disinfection by-products. Our solution attacks the source of the DBP formation, which has proven to be an effective long-term approach and a much lower cost than expensive filtration methods. We will create a customized plan for your water system to achieve Stage 2 DBPR compliance. Please contact us today to learn how you can become compliant by 2013. If you need additional information, call the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791