Legionella Prevention

Many treatments for legionella, such as super heating the water and shock chlorination, cannot be maintained long term and are often only effective for a few days. Treatments such as ozone, UV, and chlorine dioxide, while addressing the new water, do nothing to address the scales and biofilms in pipes and towers. When scale and biofilms are left intact, conditions are soon right and again the legionella colonies thrive.

Effective prevention begins with removing scale and biofilms

Blue Earth Products provides a simple prevention system that removes the scale and biofilms that harbor legionella. Clearitas works by actually attacking the organic “glue” that holds the organic infused scale and biofilm together, breaking them down and flushing them out of the system. Removing these habitats from piping and equipment removes the food sources, leaving legionella no place to grow, no place to hide.

Then prevent recolonization to eliminate risk

Once Clearitas removes these scales and biofilms, it can be used to prevent recolonization. Dosage determines the rate of deconstruction, so applying Clearitas at a higher dose breaks down existing deposits to remediate an infected water system. Once the system is clean, a lower maintenance dose prevents scale and biofilm from reforming, preventing recolonization, and eliminating risk.

Safe, simple to use, Clearitas makes prevention easy

Clearitas is non-hazardous, so it is safe to store and use. Certified under NSF Standard 60, Clearitas is safe for drinking water.

Often, application may be as simple as connecting a chemical dosing pump discharging to convenient entry points. Our water system experts at Blue Earth Products can help you evaluate your needs and set up your prevention program. We can help you: